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Classes  generally commence with a warm-up, to include - back flexion and extension, hamstring stretching / lengthening, postural and core strengthening as well as turn out, feet alignment and extending. The class focuses on methodology, artistry, musicality and technique and of course for fun and enjoyment,

All levels from Primary and above require a minimum of two classes per week to be eligible for Examination or a single class for the Class Award or Presentation.



BABIES BALLET                                
Ages 2 - 4. No experience needed, emphasis on Imagery, Musicality, 

Co-ordination and FUN!

Age 5+  Class Presentation - performed as a group, basic ballet steps with focus on set RAD Examination Syllabus, Musicality, Co-ordination, Participation, Expression and Fun. Min 1 hour per week.  

Age 6+  First of the Exam levels, Focus on RAD Examination Syllabus, Musicality, Expression, Knowledge of work, Co-ordination, Postural awareness, Stretching, Enjoyment and Self confidence.                                         Minimum of 2 classes per week,

GRADE 1 - 3
Age 7+  Focus on Technique, Expression, Musicality, Posture, Spatial Awareness, Knowledge of work, Co-ordination and Quality.

GRADE 4 - 5
Age 9+  Stronger focus on Technique,  Musicality, Co-ordination, Spatial Awareness, Line, Posture, Presentation and Stylistic interpretation.

GRADE 6 - 8
Ages 12+  Stronger development of Style and Artistic Interpretation maintaining

Stronger Technique, Spatial Awareness, Musicality and Feeling.


Ages 11+   Stronger Focus on Technical Ability coupled with Musicality, Greater Spatial Awareness, Basic Principles of Point and Dynamic Expressive Qualities.

Age 12+ Stronger Focus on Technique with Dynamic Style and Artistic Interpretation, Higher Level of Turns, Jumps and Point, 

Age 13+ Stronger Technical ability Focusing on Line, Turns, Jumps, Point,     Co-ordination, Musical Interpretation and Dynamic Expression 


All classes commence with a warm-up, structured to each specific genre, focusing on core strengthening, flexibility, style, artistry, musicality, performing skills and technique as well as fun and enjoyment and social camaraderie. 

JAZZ - Sub Junior

Age from 4 years, Focus on Stretching, Style, Core Strengthening, Turns/Spins, Dynamic Range of Motion, strong hip and shoulder isolation, Musicality and Rhythm

JAZZ - Junior

Age from 9 years, Focus on Stretching, Style, Core Strengthening, Turns, Dynamic Range of Motion, strong hip and shoulder isolation, Musicality         and Rhythm

JAZZ - Intermediate/Senior

Age from (depending on ability) 12 years, Focus is on Stretching and Dynamic Range of Motion, Style and Expression, Core Strengthening, Hip and Shoulder Isolation, Turns, Jumps, Musicality and Rhythm and Spatial Awareness.


Age 5+ Focus is on core strengthening, alignment, balance, stretching, turning, transitions, musicality, rhythm, expression and utilizing abstract shape and form.


Age from 4 years, Focus is on Core-Strengthening, Balance and Stability, Stretching and Dynamic Range of Motion, Form and Shape, Shoulder Isolation and Strengthening, Arm & Hand Co-Ordination and Aerodynamic Awareness.

With a lot of Fun included.


Rhythm and Timing, Clarity of Beats, Style and Presentation, Expression, Enjoyment and Fun.


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