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2024 Enrolments

Milei Lee
Silver Medal
Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition 2021
Milei Arabesque (2).jpg
Milei Lee
2019 Australian Bursary Winner
Royal Academy of Dance

                                            Brian Nolan Academy of Dance

Was opened in 1983 by former member of the Australian Ballet Company dancer Brian Nolan. Based in Werribee, the Brian Nolan Academy of Dance (BNAD) celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2023 and is the oldest dancing schools in Wyndham.

With excellent results both balletically and theatrically the school has established itself as not only one of the leading dancing schools in the western suburbs, but has proven itself  time and time again to be one of the leading dancing schools in Victoria.

​Brian is a twice Chairperson for the Royal Academy of Dance - Victorian and Tasmanian Advisory Panel, allowing the school to be rich in the culture and the disciplines of the Royal Academy of Dance. The school also boasts one of the most successful RAD examination studio's in the State with many RAD Scholarship winners including Audrey Nicholls and Kathleen Gorham Scholarship holders, RAD Australian Bursary Winners and the Dame Margot Fonteyn RAD International Ballet Competition Silver Medalist.

The school also has a rich heritage in Eisteddfods and Competitions not only locally but also interstate and internationally, with many winners including two winners of the City of Sydney McDonald's $12,000 Scholarship as well as SODA Scholarship recipients. The school boasts many champions in all genre's both balletically and theatrically.

Highly reputed for producing qualitative balletic dancers, Brian is acknowledged worldwide for his ability to train and coach students who often travel vast distances in order to get the best possible training.

Student of 11 years - Australian Ballet Principal Adam Bull, along with Senior Artist of the Australian Ballet Valerie Tereshchenko, Soloists Laura Tong and Rani Luther are some of the many successful students who have trained with Brian Nolan.

Classes at the BNAD include: Classical Ballet (RAD) and Vaganova based Open Classes, stretching and conditioning, Pointe, Repertoire, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, as well as singing and drama. It is well known that strong ballet technique leads to strong jazz and contemporary abilities and as a result students at the BNAD are very well versed in both. Competition classes and private lessons are available to selected students.

The super friendly staff all have a current Working with Children License are very experienced, very professional and some of the most respected in the Industry.

Specialist Training for boys and girls who are serious about  their dancing or just for doing classes for "Fun and Fitness" the Brian Nolan Academy of Dance could be just the place for you!

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Brian Nolan


Valerie Tereshchenko 
2017 Telstra
Dancer of the Year

Australian Ballet Senior Artist
Valerie Tereshchenko 
Valerie taking class Australian Ballet.j
Adam Bull
Australian Ballet Principal
             Adam Bull
2024 Enrolments



Adam Bull

As I reflect on my career and this incredible  journey I am now on, I look back to where it  all began, which was at the Brian Nolan Academy of Dance Studio in Werribee.

                                               Mr. Nolan recognised something in me from around 7 years of age, and although it was a bumpy road at times, he pushed, encouraged and coached me beyond what I thought I could do.

My dream was to be a Principal Dancer in the Australian Ballet Company and I must say I am blessed because I am still living my dream!
                                              I am grateful to Mr. Nolan for instilling in me the discipline, technique, respect and passion from such an early age and I am thankful to him for fortifying in me the Artist I am today!

Valerie Tereshchenko
Thank you Mr Nolan for all you contributed to my training and dancing! I owe you a great deal for making me stronger, more confident and giving me the passion for dance again. Also for all your generous time in those first 6 months! ❤
 Valerie Tereshchenko
 Senior Artist
Australian Ballet 
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2022 Royal Academy of Dance

Audrey Nicholls Scholarship
Cindy Jiang Winner
Grade 1 Scholarship
Luella Murphy Runner-Up
Katrina Wang Artistry Award
Grade 2 Scholarship
Cindy Jiang
Grade 3 Scholarship
Rebecca Hill (Sunbury)
Grade 4 Scholarship 
Macy Harvie (Sunbury)

Martin Rubinstein Award
Leon Bowman Senior Winner
Martin Rubinstein Award
Rebecca Hill Junior Winner

2021   Milei Lee - SILVER MEDAL
Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition 

2020  Milei Lee Accepted into
English National Ballet School 

2019 Milei Lee - Winner
Royal Academy of Dance Bursary



​Brian Nolan Academy of Dance


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